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Our office is dedicated to developing children’s vision and enhancing adult performance.

Linking Vision and Learning for Success!

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We have Certified Optometric Vision Therapists on our staff. Certification requires 2000 hours of clinical care; nine written peer-reviewed papers on vision therapy, lens and prism applications, and ocular neurobiology; a proctored written examination; and an oral evaluation in front of the international examination board.

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  • Our Vision Therapy program began at the Boulder Vision Center, established in 1976.  In 2001, a vision therapy-only referral center was formed.  Today, Boulder Valley Vision Therapy clinic continues to apply new knowledge and techniques into its therapy services.
  • What are the COVID19 Precautions being taken by Boulder Valley Vision Therapy?
    1. Wear masks (optional, but if you wear a mask we will too).
    2. Wash hands.
    3. Maintain 6 feet separation.
    4. Stay home if feeling unwell or possibly exposed to COVID19.
    5. Continue remote care when possible (therapy, consultations, scheduling, payments)
    6. Limit to one guest or caregiver per patient.
    We are sanitizing the office between patients with UV Light, Alcohol, Soap, or appropriate cleaning supplies. Please wait in your car to allow prior patients to exit before you enter to keep as few people in the space as possible.
  • Doctor Simonson is a Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development and the American Academy of Optometry. She completed her doctoral degree at the Ohio State University College of Optometry graduating magna cum laude. She has been providing vision therapy services in Colorado since 2003.  In 2007, Dr. Simonson was named the Colorado Young Optometrist of the Year.
  • Continuing Education is an important part of being a vision therapist.  Our therapists attend the Colorado Vision Training Conference, The Colorado Vision Summit, and the Annual Meeting of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.
  • Vision problems can feel uncomfortable and make things look confusing. Here are common symptoms our patients experience.

  • To find out how to detect when a learning problem is vision based and what to do about it, call and set up a free fifteen minute consultation.

  • Want to know more about vision therapy? Keep up-to-date through our web site.

  • See how vision therapy has been successful for our patients.
  • Find out more about vision and learning online.
  • Attention: Parents, Educators, and Other Professionals - FREE informative presentations are offered by our doctors.

  • Dr. Simonson is a provider for the InfantSEE program. Begin a lifetime of healthy vision for your infant today!