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Free Consultations


Drs. Jen Simonson and Roger Dowis are board certified developmental optometrists who specialize in helping children and adults overcome vision problems that interfere with reading and learning.  To find out how to determine if a learning problem is vision based, set up a consultation visit by calling 303-443-2257 or by requesting an appointment on-line through our website.

Vision and Learning Checklist:
Here are signs that suggest the presence of visual difficulties:

Check Box 


 Must read and re-read material to understand it well
   Takes “hours” to do 30 minutes of homework
   Hates to read, but likes being read to
   Restless when facing close up work that requires comprehension
   Still reverses words or letters beyond second grade
   Gets sleepy when reading
   Bumps into things, doesn’t seem aware of nearby objects
   Seems compelled to touch everything
   Difficulty focusing
   Poor coordination and balance
   Difficulty multi-tasking
  Short attention span for reading