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Vision and Learning

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Boulder Valley Vision Therapy patients and staff proudly present Governor Hickenlooper's Vision and Learning Month Declaration.

Vision and Learning Month

As a practicing optometrist in Colorado, a member of the Colorado Optometric Association, a committee member of the non-profit Vision and Learning Forum, and on behalf of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD), I would like to thank Governor Hickenlooper's support in proclaiming August 2012 as “Children’s Vision and Learning Month.”  Past gubernatorial letters of support have served as invaluable reminders to the public about the critical relationship between good vision and successful learning and performance in school.

Children’s Vision and Learning Month

August 2012

WHEREAS, Children’s Vision and Learning Month serves to educate parents, teachers, and the general public about the importance of vision and proper eye care in the success of each child; and

WHEREAS, vision plays a vital role in allowing Colorado’s children to read and learn; and

WHEREAS, as many as one in four school-age children has vision problems, and vision problems are the most common handicapping condition among children; and

WHEREAS, the State of Colorado recognizes the importance of education in the lives of its children, and encourages parents to have their children screened for vision problems in order to maximize their potential in the classroom;

Therefore, I encourage parents, educators, school nurses and all concerned adults to celebrate Children’s Vision and Learning Month, August, 2012 by recognizing the critical role good vision plays in the learning process and to work together to help prevent or reduce the impact untreated vision problems can have on our children’s ability to read and learn.

In recognition of the importance of good vision to learning, I,

John Hickenlooper, Governor of the State of Colorado,

do hereby proclaim

August 2012

Children’s Vision and Learning Month.

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