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World of Possibilities

Thank you for all of your work with our son.  It sure has paid off:  his performance at school has improved dramatically since he began vision therapy.  Where his math skills were lacking before we began vision therapy, he is now both meeting and exceeding his grade level expectations.  At his most recent parent-teacher conference, his teacher shared with us that she is considering bumping him up a level in math to keep the work challenging and interesting to him.  Also his reading abilities and comprehension are also meeting and exceeding her expectations!  And, he is excelling both socially and athletically.

While it is wonderful to hear how well everyone perceives our son’s progress and behaviors, the most wonderful part for us has been how happy our son has been.  He feels very successful and motivated at school.  Now he wants to sit down and do his homework!  He sees it paying off in terms of successful grades and performance.  He is proud of himself and all the things he can do!  Academically the world has opened for our son in a way it had not been before!  As he is no longer expending all of his efforts on concentrating and focusing on school work, he now has the energy to focus on the social side of school as well.  He is also feeling successful socially at school.  He has friendships and he plays sports with the other boys during recess.  Every day when he walks home from class he is brimming with stories about games and goals and successes!  Before vision therapy, he never played sports, let alone enjoyed them.

He now feels that there is a world of possibilities that is really open to him!

Thank you for everything you have done for our son!  You have truly made a difference in his life and we cannot thank you enough!

March 10, 2008