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“I ran in excitedly to tell my wife”

I am a 72 year old, retired physician who participated in Vision Therapy - at Boulder Valley Vision Therapy - for approximately two years when I was in my late sixties. I underwent therapy over a week to treat my "lazy eye" and suppressive Amblyopia that I have had all my life. I enjoyed my sessions and found them stimulating. As I improved, I progressed to new exercises. I would practice the exercises for a few minutes every day. I remember going outside on my farm one day and everything looked different! I ran in excitedly to tell my wife how my world looked different. I have had ophthalmologists roll their eyes when I related that I was in Vision Therapy but - the therapy changed my visual world - I now see 3D and have depth perception. I continue to do eye exercises every other day and have been re-evaluated once and three years after stopping formal therapy and my vision has continued to improve. I frequently go about my day without my bifocals. I am so thankful to the staff at Boulder Valley Vision Therapy - they were professional, had a sense of humor and made a difference in my life - Thanks so much.