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“I cannot express in words my gratitude”

When I first started vision therapy in the fall of 2014, I had just started attending college and could not read or use computers at all, due to tracking and focusing difficulties and light sensitivities. I did eye exercises every day and went to my appointments every week. I was committed to my healing. Then, I started to improve. Much of the time, I was frustrated that I was not getting better right away and in my own abilities to heal. Frustration is natural in vision therapy or any healing process. Due to the fact that humans process a myriad of information through our eyes, it is EXTREMELY difficult to have eye issues. But I kept going even though I felt irritated. I would next only need appointments once a month, then every three months. Then it got to the time of every six months, and then one year. I just had my last progress exam and am doing better than I ever was. Dr. Simonson says my numbers show I am at a level above the normal. It feels fabulous to know that I am at a college level and am attending college and will likely do well in graduate school, which I plan to attend after I graduate form Naropa. When I came to Boulder Valley Vision Therapy, I did not feel confident and capable in my abilities to be a full-time college student, and even took time off during my second semester to heal, take time for myself, and do more vision therapy. My dedication and persistence (two of my strengths) paid off. My current results show how if I care about my body and commit, I can heal. Anyone can heal. I am currently feeling the healthiest I have ever felt and it feels wonderful. I could not have done it without Kat, Brenda, Claire, Amy, Ken, and Jen. I cannot express in words my gratitude for you all and the practice of Boulder Valley Vision Therapy. The kindness everyone radiates at BVVT is rare and deeply appreciated, along with the ability to accommodate my unique needs. Although some of the therapists and doctors I worked with are no longer there, I will never forget them and their strong impact on my life and my healing journey. Thank you.