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Vision Therapy changed my life.

After a year of struggling with reading I finally convinced my mom to take me to the eye doctor. My moms answer had always been "Stop complaining! They give you eye exams at school. If you kept your focus you would be done reading." It turns out I did have a problem. My eyes couldn't focus on things, they couldn't track, and they didn't work together. For example, I couldn't read very fast because the words jumped around the page. Luckily, the Optometrist said this could be cured. She said I might need a low prescription eyeglasses and vision therapy. When we found Dowis Vision Therapy (now Boulder Valley Vision Therapy) I was examined by Dr. Dowis. My scores were below the charts. He thought it would take 30 to 40 sessions of Vision Therapy. After 10 weeks of doing my eye exercises at least 4 times a week and having 10 sessions of Vision Therapy my scores were off the charts. Dr. Dowis prescribed 10 more sessions to make sure my new skills had sunk in. After 10 more sessions with my wonderful therapist Barbara, I graduated from Vision Therapy. Vision Therapy changed my life. I went from reading 10 to 15 pages an hour, to reading 50-60 pages an hour. I don't get frustrated with my school work, and I don't put off my homework because of my eyes. I have a more positive attitude, but I'm going to miss Barbara. I hope Vision Therapy has the same effect on you, as it has had on me.