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Cami Dowis, MEd, COVT

Vision Therapist, Certified

Cami received her BA in Secondary Education at University of Washington, Seattle, Washington, her hometown. She taught junior high in Oregon and Colorado. She also earned her Masters degree from Lesley College and her COVT, Certified Optometric Vision Therapist. Cami has over 25 years experience as a vision therapist including Boulder Vision Center, the Colorado Division of Youth Services, where she worked with juvenile delinquents, a private school for children with learning disabilities and Dowis Vision Therapy Center. She also worked in Boulder Valley schools as director of the gifted and talented program at Baseline Junior High and youths with learning problems at Boulder Valley Vocational Tech School. At the national meeting of COVD (Optometrists specializing in Vision Therapy) in 1995 Cami received the Jewel Young Award as outstanding vision therapist in the U.S. Cami has been an active Volunteer in the Boulder community for over 30 years. Cami is married to Dr. Roger Dowis with 2 grown children and 3 grandchildren. She enjoys gardening, walking, and is an avid tennis player. Cami enjoys working with people of all ages and finds Vision Therapy very enjoyable and rewarding!


We are currently offering remote vision therapy sessions due to the State of Colorado order to Shelter at Home. Once the order has lifted, we can’t wait to see you at our new office location: 2800 Valmont Rd, Boulder, CO 80301.