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Amy Zeiger, BA, COVT, OT Aide

Vision Therapist, Certified

Amy Zeiger, BA, COVT received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  She has worked in the Optometric industry for over 15 years and earned her nationally recognized certification as an Optometric Vision Therapist in 2009.  Amy has been a member of  COVD since 2009 and has completed continuing education at the Colorado Vision Summit and at the COVD annual meeting in areas ranging from Autism to Strabismus.  Amy's introduction to Vision Therapy started when she was in sixth grade and tested at a third grade reading level.  After two months of Vision Therapy, Amy was at grade level with 100% comprehension.  Amy returned to Vision Therapy at the age of nineteen, when she sustained a traumatic brain injury from a car accident.  Even reading three lines on a page was challenging and her neurologist told Amy she would never work or go to school.  After six months of Vision Therapy, she returned to college and finished her Bachelor's degree.  Amy published her story in Vision's newsletter and it is available on the Boulder Valley Vision Therapy webpage under "Success Stories".


We are currently offering remote vision therapy sessions due to the State of Colorado order to Shelter at Home. Once the order has lifted, we can’t wait to see you at our new office location: 2800 Valmont Rd, Boulder, CO 80301.