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2022 Colorado COVD Study Group

Title: ABSees: Vision Therapy for Little Kids
Date: Sunday, March 13th, 2022
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm

Bring: Bring your favorite activities for ages 0-5 and red/green glasses. Wear comfortable clothes for ease of movement. MASKS ARE REQUIRED, preferably well-fitting high-quality masks. Food: Potluck style! Bring a snack if you are able to. Nearby Food Truck park is also an option (Rayback Collective), which opens at Noon.

Course Summary: Guiding visual development with optometric vision therapy is an important tool for treating young children. The preschool age group often presents with amblyopia and strabismus, conditions that greatly impact visual performance and motor coordination. This course covers vision therapy techniques designed to decrease suppression, improve oculomotor skills, develop accurate accommodation, and improve eye alignment and sensory fusion. Learn how to modify therapy techniques for young children and how to successfully sequence vision therapy based on age and ability.

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We are planning on holding the COVD Study group as planned at Boulder Valley Vision Therapy, and we will do everything that we can to make this a safe and fun event for all attendees. We ask that if you have any COVID symptoms in the 5 days prior to the event, that you please stay home, even if you are feeling well enough to attend.

  1. Course handout: A B Sees Outline CO Study Group 2022
  2. Finger Tracing: PURSUITS Finger tracing portrait jss 2022
  3. MFBF Owls: NEAR FAR MFBF owls 2022
  4. Near Far Turtle Match: Near Far Match the Turtles 2022
  5. Near Far Owl Coloring: Owl Near Far Coloring
  6. Link to Sara Lane, OD, FCOVD activities:
  7. Link to Red Green Toybox:
  8. Pinterest ideas:
  11. Http://
  12. Activity resources







    8.Excellerations – I order from

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Colorado COVD Study Group 2015

Winter Colorado COVD Study Group

Date: March 15, 2015

Location: Mountain Vista EyeCare, 7761 Shaffer Parkway, #200, Littleton, CO 80127

Topic: Visual Perception and Cognitive Development (Section 2 – Study Guide)


12:30 – Registration
1:00 – 1:50 – Seminar #1 – Vision Development through Edina’s Eyes
2:00 – 2:50 – Seminar #2 – Vision Therapy activities for Preschoolers Part I
2:50 – 3:10 – Coffee Break
3:10 – 4:00 – Seminar #3 – Vision Therapy activities for Preschoolers Part II
4:10 – 5:00 Seminar #4 – Classroom Accommodations



Classroom Accommodations for Children with Vision Disorders

Jen Simonson, OD, FCOVD

Visual Development through Edina’s Eyes

Lynn Hellerstein, OD, FCOVD, FAAO

Vision Therapy Activities for Preschoolers


Boulder Valley Vision Therapy Staff: Gail Henry, COVT, Amy Zeiger, COVT and Becca Haydon

Additional Resources for Classroom Accommodations:

1. Classroom Accommodations Checklist

2. Classroom Vision Skills

3. Print size to Acuity Level

Additional Resources for Vision Therapy Activities for Preschoolers

4. Vision Development Checklists

5. Polly the Porcupine

6. Giant Pegboard

7. Red Green Toybox

8. Fat Cat Vision Therapy

9. Dr. Jen’s Vision Therapy Pinterest Board


Toys and Games for the Holidays

2008 Holiday Toy and Game List

Dr. Simonson’s Favorite 2008 Picks:
Rush Hour (ages 8+)
Rush Hour Jr. (ages 6-8)
SET Cards (ages 6+)
Blink (ages 3+)
Katamino (ages 3+)
Make’n’Break (ages 5+)
Blokus (ages 5+)
Farkle (ages 6+)

Eye-Hand Coordination and Spatial Skills

Battleship – Jenga – Perfection – Beading Crafts
Jacks – Legos – Lacing Cards – Weaving Loom
Uno Stacko – Etch a Sketch – Topple – Light Bright
Barrel of Monkeys – Magna Doodle – Yo-Yo
Squiggle Pen – Pick-up Sticks – Paint by Number
Operation – Frisbee – Tinker Toys – Toss Across

Perceptual/Visual Thinking Games:

Sequence – Connect Four – Parquetry Blocks
I Spy Book – Rubik’s Cube – Mastermind
Imagine That – Tri-ominos – Racko – Simon
Dominoes – Pentominoes – Where’s Waldo
Brick by brick – Block by block – Soma Cubes
Battle ship – Tanagrams – Jigsaw puzzles
Othello – Shape by shape – Memory