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The Opto App by gLabs

Introducing: Opto

Now available on the App Store!

The G-Labs vision training app for iPad, otherwise known as Opto, is now available as a free download on the App Store! Two exercises are included at no charge for you to get started with Opto. Other exercises (ie. Nielsen Fixations, 3D Pets phantograms, and more) are available as in-app purchases. Please note the indicated required hardware for each exercise. While not all exercises require additional equipment, some require red/cyan glasses, and some require the G-Labs Stereoscope.

2015 COVD Conference


BACKGROUND: Millard E. Van Orden developed a stereoscopically drawn visual pattern to gain insight on the patient’s binocular visual behavior pattern. This drawing records the projection in space of corresponding visual areas. When used for training, the patient receives feedback on the reorganization of visual space and stability of eye posture and binocular vision.

PROCEDURES: Van Orden drawings were completed with the Translucent Correct-eye-scope set at 0-0 and the Stereoscope for iPad set at 0 (optical far-point). The optics of the prismatic lens allow for a distance accommodative and vergence demand, but a physical distance of 20 centimeters. Targets included binocular vision space testing, far point – peripheral control, base-in projection stereo training, and base-out projection stereo training. Instructions were the same for both the traditional and digital drawings and followed the Van Orden Technique of Visual Rehabilitation Instruction Manual (Keystone View Company,

VO Star Opto 3


1. Ability to complete testing and training in more postures with the same device (standing or sitting, primary gaze or up/down gaze)

2. Ability to add images to electronic health records for performance documentation.

3. Ability to test visual performance when viewing a digital device (clinically noted to cause more visual complaints).

Link to more information: Van Orden Tracing on the Stereoscope for iPad and OPTO App

Thank you for submitting your abstract, ” Van Orden Training Utilizing the Stereoscope for iPad”, to the 2015 COVD annual meeting. The review process has concluded, and we are pleased to inform you that your abstract was accepted, to be presented as a poster. It is scheduled to be displayed on Thursday, April 16 and Friday April, 17 2015 on poster board #29.

Dr. Simonson lectured in Mexico at the Consejo Mexicano De Optometria Funcional (COMOF)

The XIX International Academic Congress of Optometry Functional was held in Aguacalientes, Mexico during the first week of September. For more information, please visit:

1. Course Outline: /user-files/COMOF_2014_Clinical_pearls_for_treating_vertical_deviations_outline.pdf

2. Vision training exercise information: /user-files/Vertical_Strabismus_Pearls.pdf

3. Preguntas/Questions:

optometristas in Estados Unidos? 38,000

optometristas functional? 1,000-4,000 (best guess)

4. List of apps for both iPad and Android:,584678

COMOF 2014 a


g-Labs to release a Vision Therapy App for use with a custom Stereoscope

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Vision Therapy App Nominated as 
Top 10 Finalist in The Mobileys

The Mobileys recognize early-stage mobile apps, services, and products that make the world a better place. The competition was created to honor the entrepreneurs who inspire and make a difference through mobile innovation. This year, G-Labs is thrilled to have been chosen as one of only 10 finalists in this exciting competition!

Learn more here: