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Colorado Vision Summit: Preschool Vision Therapy Activities

011 BVVT round1

Course Objectives:

  1. Learn about normal vision development in Preschoolers (ages 3-6)
  2. Identify delayed visual skills development
  3. Become familiar with the Wachs Analysis of Cognitive Structures (WACS) assessment
  4. Work-shop on Age-appropriate Vision Therapy Procedures
    1. Visually-guided Motor
    2. Tracking
    3. Accommodation
    4. Binocularity
    5. Visual-Perceptual
  5. Learn how to adapt common vision therapy activities to the appropriate level for this age group

Lecture Notes for the course:

Vision Therapy Activities for Preschoolers

Slides for the course:

Vision Therapy Activities for Preschoolers pdf

Motor Testing For other age groups (thank you Dr. DeAnn Fitzgerald):

BESS: Balance Error Scoring System BESS Manual

Gait Analysis: Evaluation of Stride/Walking and Running

Sources for Activities and Equipment:

  • From Lori at Denver Vision Therapy
    • Caren’s laser. We have purchased plexi-glass, foam parquetry pieces, and a feely box from her. She is very easy to work with and is happy to make any accommodations necessary.
  • Red/Green Toybox
  • Discount School Supplies


798 BVVT

Colorado Vision Summit: Mirror Superimposition

018 BVVT round1

Mirror Overlap

Course Objectives:

  1. Build sensory fusion using the mirror superimposition technique.
    1. Luster
    2. Simultaneous Perception
    3. Anti-suppression (peripheral to central, vertical to horizontal)
    4. Flat Fusion
    5. Stereopsis
  2. Build motor alignment control of eye position using the mirror superimposition technique
    1. Looping
    2. Target placement
    3. Voluntary alignment
  3. Advanced techniques using mirror superimposition: mazes
  4. Mirror septum techniques
    1. Symmetry Drawing
    2. Cheiroscopic Tracing

Course Notes: Mirror Superimposition final CVS 2017

Course Lecture Slides: Mirror Superimposition CVS 2017 Slide Show pdf

845 BVVT