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2016 CCIRA Conference Course #227

Course #227 “Classroom Accommodations for Students with Visual Issues”
2016 Colorado Council International Reading Association meeting in Denver, CO.
Thursday, Feb. 4th – 2:45-4:45

World of Wonder

Course Slides:CCIRA 2016 course 227

Course Notes: 227 Course Handout CCIRA 2016

Checklist: TeacherQuestionnaire

Thank you so much for your questions and participation in this course! I really enjoy helping teachers better understand the issues their students are facing and how to help them succeed in the classroom.

– Dr. Jen Simonson

Jen Simonson, OD, FCOVD

Dr. Jen Simonson at the Boulder Valley Vision Therapy Center

Additional Resources:

WATCH THIS VIDEO: Vision at School:

Reading Windows: Http: //

Graph Paper:

Vertical lines for math problems:

Vision in the Classroom:

Educator’s Guide:

Where to refer?

1. The College of Optometrists in Vision Development:

2. Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation Association:

3. Optometrists Network


  1. Leong D, Master C, Messner L, Pang Y, Smith C, Starling A. The effect of saccadic training on early reading fluency. Clin Pediat 2014;pages 1-7 (May 1, 2014, doi:10.1177/0009922814532520
  2. COVD summary of research in vision and learning
  3. Association between reading speed, cycloplegic refractive error, and oculomotor function in reading disabled children versus controls.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

CCIRA Course 115 – Reading Struggles? 20/20 Vision is NOT Enough

The 2015 CCIRA Theme is “Scoffolding Literacy for One and All – Colloraboration Celebration”. Dr. Simonson will be spoke on Thursday, February 5th from 9:15 to 11:15. Course 115 Reading Struggles? 20/20 Vision is NOT Enough


Classroom activities:

Stroop Test (Color/Word)

Kirschner Arrows

Eyes on Track – classroom workbook of tracking exercises

1. 20/20 Isn’t Everything: A child’s vision is critical to learning
2. McGurk Effect: Vision and Speech (what we see influences what we hear)
Helpful Links: – The College of Optometrists in Vision Development – The Optometric Extension Program Foundation — The Vision and Learning Forum (Colorado-based)
4. – The American Optometric Association
5. — More information about 3D use in the classroom
February 4-7 at the Denver Tech Center
Denver Marriott Tech Center
4900 S Syracuse, Denver, CO