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Vision Training with Preschoolers

Hi! I had to share with you because it would not have been possible without Opto and you!

I have a little 4 year old patient that has strabismic amblyopia (ET OS). He is very wiggly and it is hard to get him to look at any stereo targets. He looks away and I have never really been able to get a good idea if he is seeing float.

So I took our large mat for body work and made a tent out of it. We climbed in (laying on our bellies) and did 3D pets in all fields of gaze! He was super into it and because it was so bright and globally stimulating he was telling me everything about what he was seeing- that was last week! This week (I just saw him) I sat him down in front of the projected Quoit and for the first time in 31 sessions (we have been seeing him on and off since 2/2013) he reported correct float on both BI and BO and SILO!!! He is 4!! He has never been so engaged and verbally communicative about what he was seeing. Thank you for working so hard to put together the Opto program, it gave him just what he needed to understand where he was looking and what he was seeing. I also used your words “where do your eyes and brain see it?” and he totally got it! I Love it!

Had to share with you and spread the love. He also got full abduction today in his ambly/strab eye for the first time ever and sustained it for 3 whole seconds! We are moving forward finally! This little guy has been a tough nut to crack and we still have work to do but we are on our way!

Erin Pedersen O.V.T

So great to hear about this success for your patient! Here is my preschooler using this activity:

OPTO 3D dogs

Preschooler using OPTO to develop accurate 3D vision at the Boulder Valley VT center