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My Double Vision

My Double Vision is a story that explains what it is like to have eyes that do not always line up straight. With Vision Therapy, both eyes learn to work together. With traditional patching therapy, the eyes11 often take turns instead of learning to blend information so that the brain can develop normal depth perception.

My Double Vision

ISBN 978-0-9975752-1-7


This picture book explains the signs and symptoms of esotropia (crossed-eye). Learn about the current testing methods and vision therapy training used to correct this vision disorder.

Pages = 28 Reading ease = 94.9

Flesch-Kincaide Grade Level= 2.5

*Spanish: Mi Visión Doble Mi Vision Doble

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My Perfect Vision is a story that explains what it is like to experience blurred vision and tired eyes – even when you have “perfect” 20/20 eyesight. Learn more about reading glasses and Vision Therapy through the colorful illustrations. This is a great book for children starting their Vision Therapy Journey. This illustrated storybook for children explains the common symptoms of focusing problems. Medically called Accommodation Dysfunctions, these disorders include difficulty with accurate clarity of focus, speed of switching focus from near to far, and the ability to sustain focus for long periods.
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