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Colorado COVD Study Group

2022 Colorado COVD Study Group

Title: ABSees: Vision Therapy for Little Kids
Date: Sunday, March 13th, 2022
Time: 9:00am – 1:00pm

Bring: Bring your favorite activities for ages 0-5 and red/green glasses. Wear comfortable clothes for ease of movement. MASKS ARE REQUIRED, preferably well-fitting high-quality masks. Food: Potluck style! Bring a snack if you are able to. Nearby Food Truck park is also an option (Rayback Collective), which opens at Noon.

Course Summary: Guiding visual development with optometric vision therapy is an important tool for treating young children. The preschool age group often presents with amblyopia and strabismus, conditions that greatly impact visual performance and motor coordination. This course covers vision therapy techniques designed to decrease suppression, improve oculomotor skills, develop accurate accommodation, and improve eye alignment and sensory fusion. Learn how to modify therapy techniques for young children and how to successfully sequence vision therapy based on age and ability.

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We are planning on holding the COVD Study group as planned at Boulder Valley Vision Therapy, and we will do everything that we can to make this a safe and fun event for all attendees. We ask that if you have any COVID symptoms in the 5 days prior to the event, that you please stay home, even if you are feeling well enough to attend.

  1. Course handout: A B Sees Outline CO Study Group 2022
  2. Finger Tracing: PURSUITS Finger tracing portrait jss 2022
  3. MFBF Owls: NEAR FAR MFBF owls 2022
  4. Near Far Turtle Match: Near Far Match the Turtles 2022
  5. Near Far Owl Coloring: Owl Near Far Coloring
  6. Link to Sara Lane, OD, FCOVD activities:
  7. Link to Red Green Toybox:
  8. Pinterest ideas:
  11. Http://
  12. Activity resources







    8.Excellerations – I order from

IMG 9176

Colorado COVD 2020 Winter Study Group

When: Sunday, February 23, 2020 from 9:00 AM to 12:00 PM (MST)

Where: Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center, P.C.7400 East Orchard RoadSuite 175-SGreenwood Village, CO 80111

Topic: Testing and Treatment of Vertical Deviations

Presentors: Dr. Jennifer Simonson of Boulder Valley Vision Therapy and Dr. Lynn Hellerstein of Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center, P.C.

Course Description: Dr. Simonson and Dr. Hellerstein will share clinical pearls in treating vertical diplopia. This course will discuss eye alignment, prism prescribing, and recommended vision therapy techniques to decrease symptoms of double vision. The goal is of this course will be to utilize compensatory and therapeutic strategies to improve fusion skills for patients with vertical strabismus and diplopia. During this workshop, attendees will complete hands-on training on clinical testing for vertical misalignment. Stations will include Maddox rod, Modified Thorington, laser-assisted Hess Lancaster, and other clinical techniques to measure the amplitude of misalignment and fusional ability. This training will help vision therapists understand the direction and amplitude of strabismus. Attendees will also experience induced vertical misalignment and determine optimal prism perscription based on findings. In addition, vision training concepts and procedures will be performed to increase the accuracy, stability, and concomitancy of eye alignment. Learn new techniques and appropriate procedure modifications.

Course is APPROVED for 3 hours of Colorado State licensure CE credit through COA.

Handout: COVD Study Group 2020 Handout Vertical Deviations

IMG 2519

Thank you for coming! Additional Resources here:

  1. Vectograph Information:
  2. Variable Prism Maddox Rod:
  3. Keystone Eccentric Circles:
  4. Fresnel Prism:

IMG 2511IMG 2512IMG 2516

Winter Colorado COVD Study Group 2018

A Novel Approach to Visual Information Processing Skills

Summary: Visual information processing skills (VIPS) have been assessed through a number of clinical assessments. We propose a paradigm shift in the assessment and treatment of VIPS. Through a unique method of analyzing VIPS testing results, we believe we can accurately project treatment times, predict efficacy of therapy, and easily alter traditional optometric VT activities in ways to provide faster, more stable therapy results. This course will cover the history and development of the model with sample cases to demonstrate interpretation.

Bio: Jeff Berger, O.D., FCOVD, graduated from NSU-OCO in 2009 and opened a primary care practice in Erie, Colorado in 2010. Shortly after opening, he began providing therapy services primarily to his own patient base. In 2016, he opened the Colorado Center for Visual Performance, a practice rendering only vision therapy services. He was thrilled to have the privilege of learning from and working with Dr. Bateman and Dr. Dowis during the development of this assessment.

Winter 2018 Colorado COVD Study Group:

Date: Sunday, February 11th

Location: Denver Vision Therapy

Address: Building C, 2460 W 26th Ave #220, Denver, CO 80211

Host: Dr. Leanna Dudley & Staff

Time: 1-4:30pm (break 2:30-3)


Pattern sequencing

Autumn Colorado COVD Study Group

Topic: Eye-Hand coordination: Visually guided fine-motor training

Sunday, November 6th
Hostess: Jeri Schneebeck, O.D., F,C.O.V.D.
Highline Vision Center
24200 E. Smoky Hill Rd.Aurora, CO 80016

Time: 10am – noon

More information:

COVT Certification Guide Section 7 – Visual Information Processing
1. Visual motor hierarchy
2. Visual motor integration

Handwriting without tears:

  • Finger Thinking:
    • Finger Scrunch
      • Crumble paper (one piece in each hand) at the same pace.
      • Hold hands out and do not look directly at hands (should be just below shoulder level)
    • String Pull-ups
    • Paper Tear
      • Tear the paper as straight as possible along the vertical line
      • (Ruff’s workbook, cutting sheet)
    • Penny Pass
      • Pass a coin between each finger beginning between the pinky and ring fingers
    • Pen Extension
  • Geo Board
    • Place rubber band on board using only thumb and pointer finger
  • Pick-up Activities
    • Tongs
    • Chopsticks
    • Tweezers
    • Toothpicks
  • Bubble wrap Activities
    • Place small stickers on wrap and have the patient ‘pop the dot’
  • Tricky Fingers
    • K-rotations
    • Near-far
    • Next to
    • Sticker set
  • Popsicle Tub
  • Rhythmic Writing
    • On chalkboard or on lined paper
  • Pick-up claws
    • Use claws to pick up matrix cubes
  • Chalkboard circles
    • Use mirror for fixation as the patient draws circles with both hands
  • Eye Dropper Squeeze
    • Squeeze drops into ice cube trays, volume estimation, color mixing, add metronome
  • Marble Saccades
    • Place golf tees into styrofoam board
    • Set marbles onto tees
    • Alternate right and left hands
  • Clothes pin pick-up
  • Visual-Fine Motor Workbook
  • Scissor Activities
    • ‘Cut along the line’ worksheets2 1 4 5 3

Summer Colorado COVD Study Group

Sunday, June 12th

9:00 am – 11 am

Hostess: Leanna Dudley, OD, FCOVD
Denver Vision Therapy, PC
2460 West 26th Ave Suite 220-C
Denver, CO 80211
P: 303-433-3277
F: 303-433-3278

Body Schema

  1. Body awareness and mental map
  2. Primitive reflexes
  3. Self lateralization
  4. Visual perceptual midline
  5. Visual integrative areas (e.g., visual motor, visual auditory, visual tactile etc).
  6. Perceptual/cognitive styles (e.g., simultaneous vs. successive; central vs. peripheral; impulsive vs. reflective

Recommended Reading:



Vision Therapy Training:

  1. Space Fixator:

  1. Chalkboard Circles: and
  2. Infinity Walk:
  3. Moro Walk:–penguin-with-a-pizza–duck-on-a-motorcycle-.html
  4. Pepper Trampoline:
  5. Coding at Chalkboard:
  6. Angels in the Snow
  7. Ball Angels

Colorado COVD Study Group 2016

  1. Compensating Prism COVD study group 2-27-16 Dudley” – Dr. Leanna Dudley (presented by Dr. Simonson in Dr. Dudley’s absence)
  2. “Disassociating Prism – Bi-ocular Training Workshop” – Amy Zeiger, COVT, Barbara Nelson, COVT Cami Dowis, COVT, Becca Haydon, Carrie Mikelsons, Ashleigh Bouwman
  3. “The effect of yoked prism on ambient visual pathways – how pre-conscious vision affects binocular vision” – Dr. Mike Saxerud
  4. “Therapeutic Prism – Vergence Training Workshop” – Dr. Jen Simonson and Staff

Join this fun crowd for the 2016 Study Group!

Study Group for Vision Therapists and Optometrists:

COVD Study Group 2016 Flyer

February 27, 2016 8:30 am – 1 pm

Topic: prism, prism, prism!

8:30 – Registration and Breakfast
9:00-9:50 – Seminar #1
10:00-10:50 – Seminar #2
10:50-11:10 – Coffee Break
11:10-12:00 – Seminar #3
12:10-1:00 – Seminar #4

Location: Boulder Valley Vision Therapy
Bring: Drink or snack to share
This Study group should prepare you to answer: COVT Study Guide: Prisms
i. Compensatory ii. Monocular iii. Binocular iv. Disassociating v. Yoked

Recommended Reading:

1. Relieving Prism
2. Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy Dr. Leonard Press (Editor) OEPF
3. The Vision Therapist’s Toolkit Thomas Headline, Irene Wahlmeier, Vicki Bedes OEPF
4. Tools of Behavioral Vision Care: Prisms (Vision Therapist Vol 37, #4, 95/96)
5. The Rationale for the Use of Prism in the Vision Therapy Room by Dr. Rob Fox

Therapy Exercises from “Disassociating Prism – Bi-ocular Training Workshop”

Amy Zeiger, COVT, Barbara Nelson, COVT Cami Dowis, COVT, Becca Haydon, Carrie Mikelsons, Ashleigh Bouwman

1. Howell Phoria Card
2. Voluntary vergences
. Valenti Crossed Cylinder Rock Technique
4. Split Prism Ring Game
. G-560 Biocular activity
. Squinchel

Course notes for “Therapeutic Prism – Vision Training Workshop”
Dr. Jen Simonson & Staff

We used the idea that “Therapeutic” meant that you were challenging the visual system vs. using prism in a compensatory way.

The goal of these exercises is to use prism in order to improve sensory perception and oculomotor control.

Workshop Activities:

1. Prism Flipper Reading
P1030431Tool: Custom Prism Flipper
2. Prism Recoveries or Prism Rock
Magnetic Stick Prism Set
Vertical Fusion Target Set
3. Prism Rotations
4. Prism Bar Training
Combo Vertical and Horizontal Prism Bar
EZ View Prism Bar
5. BIM/BOP and BIP/BOM: prism flippers with accommodative activities or combined with +/-Lens Flippers Prism Walk-Aways
6. Prism with Stereoscope
7. Risley Prism
8. Monocular Prism: Spatial judgement, saccades
Monocular Prism Saccades 1
Monocular Prism Saccades 2
Just Noticable Differences
9. Monocular Prism: Manual of Esotropia Therapy
Great Video on #9:
10. Therapeutic Yoked Prism
Vision for Life makes lots of VT videos, check out this video for topic #10:


Summer COVD Study Group

Binocular approaches to Amblyopia Treatment


1. MFBF activities (monocular fixation in a binocular field)

2. Binocular Therapy

3. Video games/iPad Apps/Computer games for amblyopia using dichotic stategies

4. LCD Glasses for treatment




1. Alternatives to Occlusion

2. A Binocular Approach to Amblyopia Therapy

3. Approaches to Amblyopia Therapy

4. Amblyopia Treatment Study 18

Sunday August 23, 2015 at 1:30 p.m.

Fort Collin’s Family Eye Care: 373 W Drake Rd #3, Fort Collins, CO 80526, (970) 223-7150



Colorado COVD Study Group 2015

Winter Colorado COVD Study Group

Date: March 15, 2015

Location: Mountain Vista EyeCare, 7761 Shaffer Parkway, #200, Littleton, CO 80127

Topic: Visual Perception and Cognitive Development (Section 2 – Study Guide)


12:30 – Registration
1:00 – 1:50 – Seminar #1 – Vision Development through Edina’s Eyes
2:00 – 2:50 – Seminar #2 – Vision Therapy activities for Preschoolers Part I
2:50 – 3:10 – Coffee Break
3:10 – 4:00 – Seminar #3 – Vision Therapy activities for Preschoolers Part II
4:10 – 5:00 Seminar #4 – Classroom Accommodations



Classroom Accommodations for Children with Vision Disorders

Jen Simonson, OD, FCOVD

Visual Development through Edina’s Eyes

Lynn Hellerstein, OD, FCOVD, FAAO

Vision Therapy Activities for Preschoolers


Boulder Valley Vision Therapy Staff: Gail Henry, COVT, Amy Zeiger, COVT and Becca Haydon

Additional Resources for Classroom Accommodations:

1. Classroom Accommodations Checklist

2. Classroom Vision Skills

3. Print size to Acuity Level

Additional Resources for Vision Therapy Activities for Preschoolers

4. Vision Development Checklists

5. Polly the Porcupine

6. Giant Pegboard

7. Red Green Toybox

8. Fat Cat Vision Therapy

9. Dr. Jen’s Vision Therapy Pinterest Board