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Prism, Prism, Prism!

012 BVVT round1

Course Title: Prism, Prism, Prism!

Part I: Prism Prism Prism Part 1 Handout Simonson

This course is an introduction to the use of prism in order to improve sensory perception and oculomotor control. This course will discuss monocular, bi-ocular, binocular and yoked prism use in vision therapy.

020 BVVT round1

Part II: Prism Prism Prism Part 2 Handout Simonson

This workshop will provide hands-on experience and demonstration of vision therapy procedures. Participants will complete training using prism bars, prism flippers, loose prism, Risley Prism, prism glasses, and yoked prism. Techniques will include monocular, bi-ocular, binocular and yoked prism activities.

013 BVVT round1

For password protected information, please visit: Prism Course Notes

4 responses to “Prism, Prism, Prism!”

  1. I like course information please

  2. Paloma Bergua Moreno says:

    I am an optometrist from Spain, i would like to know if the courses can be done online, thanks.

    • bouldervt says:

      This course is a live workshop. I will next be presenting the lecture at the Northeast Congress of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts, USA in September 2017. Would you need the lecture translated to Spanish?

    • bouldervt says:

      Dear Paloma Bergua Mereno,

      This year I am offering remote courses via Zoom. This allows me to customize the course for length and topic (or translation). In addition, you can find some of my courses recorded by the Optometric Extension Program Foundation and Digivision (records the annual meeting of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development).

      Please let me know if this would be of any interest to you and I can send my course list and/or links to available recordings. I can best be reached at the office:


      Dr. Jen Simonson

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