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Prism, Prism, Prism!

012 BVVT round1

Course Title: Prism, Prism, Prism!

Part I: Prism Prism Prism Part 1 Handout Simonson

This course is an introduction to the use of prism in order to improve sensory perception and oculomotor control. This course will discuss monocular, bi-ocular, binocular and yoked prism use in vision therapy.

020 BVVT round1

Part II: Prism Prism Prism Part 2 Handout Simonson

This workshop will provide hands-on experience and demonstration of vision therapy procedures. Participants will complete training using prism bars, prism flippers, loose prism, Risley Prism, prism glasses, and yoked prism. Techniques will include monocular, bi-ocular, binocular and yoked prism activities.

013 BVVT round1

For password protected information, please visit: Prism Course Notes

3 responses to “Prism, Prism, Prism!”

  1. I like course information please

  2. Paloma Bergua Moreno says:

    I am an optometrist from Spain, i would like to know if the courses can be done online, thanks.

    • bouldervt says:

      This course is a live workshop. I will next be presenting the lecture at the Northeast Congress of Optometry in Boston, Massachusetts, USA in September 2017. Would you need the lecture translated to Spanish?

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