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Protected: Prism, Prism, Prism! Course Notes (password protected)


Taking notes? Here are the word files of the course handouts:

Prism Prism Prism Part 1 Handout Simonson

Prism Prism Prism Part 2 Handout Simonson

PDF slides:

Prism COVD 2017

The Near Triad

Therapy Activity instructions

If you improve on these instruction sets, or have a better one - we greatly appreciate you sharing it back to us at

Monocular Prism Saccades 1

Monocular Prism Saccades 2

Just Noticable Differences

Voluntary vergences

Valenti Crossed Cylinder Rock Technique

Split Prism Ring Game

G-560 Biocular activity


Prism Flipper Reading

Prism Rock

Prism Rotations

Prism Bar Training

Prism Walk-Aways

Prism Recoveries

The Rationale for the Use of Prism in the Vision Therapy Room by Dr. Rob Fox

Prism with Stereoscope