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Dr. Simonson completed the 2016 Sanet Course


Dr. Simonson has already been implementing new tests, vision training procedures and concepts at the Boulder Valley Vision Therapy Center. These changes are the result of extensive training through the 2016 Sanet Seminar series. Dr. Simonson completed 100 hours of education through this program. Information included the clinical application of new advances in neurology of the visual system. 14264217_10154014216244091_1934120282149660260_n

CertificateThe 5-part Sanet Seminar included 100 hours of continuing education in Behavioral Vision Concepts, Evaluation and Training of Binocular Vision, Evaluation and Training of Visual Perception, Evaluation and Training of Strabismus and Amblyopia, and Evaluation and Training of Visual Problems Secondary to Acquired Brain Injury. This course is taught by Robert Sanet, OD, FCOVD, an international expert in the field of vision therapy and rehabilitation.

Visual Field Loss

This series of coursework was attended by doctors of optometry (OD) and vision therapists from all over the United States and Canada. Congratulations to Dr. Simonson and her colleagues for a successful completion of the program.