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Colorado COVD Study Group 2016

Prism Prism Prism
  1. Compensating Prism COVD study group 2-27-16 Dudley” – Dr. Leanna Dudley (presented by Dr. Simonson in Dr. Dudley's absence)
  2. “Disassociating Prism – Bi-ocular Training Workshop” – Amy Zeiger, COVT, Barbara Nelson, COVT Cami Dowis, COVT, Becca Haydon, Carrie Mikelsons, Ashleigh Bouwman
  3. “The effect of yoked prism on ambient visual pathways - how pre-conscious vision affects binocular vision" – Dr. Mike Saxerud
  4. “Therapeutic Prism – Vergence Training Workshop” – Dr. Jen Simonson and Staff


Join this fun crowd for the 2016 Study Group!

Study Group for Vision Therapists and Optometrists:

 COVD Study Group 2016 Flyer 

February 27, 2016 8:30 am – 1 pm

Topic: prism, prism, prism!

8:30 – Registration and Breakfast
9:00-9:50 – Seminar #1
10:00-10:50 – Seminar #2
10:50-11:10 – Coffee Break
11:10-12:00 – Seminar #3
12:10-1:00 – Seminar #4                                          

Location: Boulder Valley Vision Therapy
Bring: Drink or snack to share
This Study group should prepare you to answer: COVT Study Guide: Prisms
i. Compensatory ii. Monocular iii. Binocular iv. Disassociating v. Yoked

Recommended Reading:

1. Relieving Prism
2. Applied Concepts in Vision Therapy Dr. Leonard Press (Editor) OEPF
3. The Vision Therapist’s Toolkit Thomas Headline, Irene Wahlmeier, Vicki Bedes OEPF
4. Tools of Behavioral Vision Care: Prisms (Vision Therapist Vol 37, #4, 95/96)
5. The Rationale for the Use of Prism in the Vision Therapy Room by Dr. Rob Fox

Therapy Exercises from “Disassociating Prism – Bi-ocular Training Workshop”

Amy Zeiger, COVT, Barbara Nelson, COVT Cami Dowis, COVT, Becca Haydon, Carrie Mikelsons, Ashleigh Bouwman

1. Howell Phoria Card
2. Voluntary vergences
. Valenti Crossed Cylinder Rock Technique
4. Split Prism Ring Game
G-560 Biocular activity

Course notes for "Therapeutic Prism - Vision Training Workshop"
Dr. Jen Simonson & Staff

We used the idea that "Therapeutic" meant that you were challenging the visual system vs. using prism in a compensatory way.

The goal of these exercises is to use prism in order to improve sensory perception and oculomotor control.

Workshop Activities:

1. Prism Flipper Reading
P1030431Tool: Custom Prism Flipper
2. Prism Recoveries or Prism Rock
Magnetic Stick Prism Set
Vertical Fusion Target Set
3. Prism Rotations
4. Prism Bar Training
Combo Vertical and Horizontal Prism Bar
EZ View Prism Bar
5.  BIM/BOP and BIP/BOM: prism flippers with accommodative activities or combined with +/-Lens Flippers Prism Walk-Aways
6. Prism with Stereoscope
7. Risley Prism
8. Monocular Prism: Spatial judgement, saccades
Monocular Prism Saccades 1
Monocular Prism Saccades 2
Just Noticable Differences
9. Monocular Prism: Manual of Esotropia Therapy
Great Video on #9:
10. Therapeutic Yoked Prism
Vision for Life makes lots of VT videos, check out this video for topic #10:


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  1. Jen Simonson, OD, FCOVD says:

    Please let me know if you would like me to post any of the videos used in the presentation. -Jen

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