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Colorado Vision Training Conference Links


Primitive Reflexes and Sports Vision: Visual Foundations to Peak Performance

1. The Vision Development Team website

2. Institute for Neuro-Physiological Psychology "INPP":

Sally Goddard Blythe:

3. The listening Program "TLP" -

4. Integrated Listening Systems "ILS" -

5. Masgutova Neurosensorimotor Reflex Integration "MNRI" -

6. The Relationship Between Retained Primitive Reflexes and Visual Skill Deficit:


Day 2:

7. Tripp Trapp Chair:

8. Agility Ladder:

Lots of great videos on you tube, example:

9. Romberg Balance Testing:

We observed that the time to failure decreased with increasing age across all sex and race/ethnicity categories. We found that once individuals went below a time to failure of 20 seconds, there was a significant greater than 3-fold increase in the odds of falling. In general, participants crossed the 20-second threshold at the age of 60 to 69 years.

10. One foot balance:

Age 3 - 2 seconds
Age 4 - 4-8 seconds
Age 5 - 8 seconds either foot
Age 6 - 20 seconds
Age 8 - 30 seconds

Pediatric Balance Scale

Adult Norms for one-leg standing balance:

11. The Ghost in my Brain by Clark Elliot

Ghost in my Brain

12. Reflex Screening Form

13. Reflex List

14. Stopping ADHD by O'Dell and Cook

Stopping ADHD

15. Oculo-Head Righting Reflex and Labyrinthine Head Righting Reflex example:

You-tube Chicken video: Chicken Head

16. Emotional Freedom Technique


17. Brain Dance Video example:

18. Emergent VT:

19. Fat Cat Vision therapy (perception):

20. No Drama Discipline

2014 08 04 NoDrama HC nospine thumb

21. Color-lined paper:


22. Handwriting without Tears Program

23. Gemiini Speech Program:

Brock String with Hula Hoop:

20150919 152657

Micro Brock String:

20150919 163452

Thanks for a GREAT Day!!

IMG 1030

Day 3:

24. Reflex Integration Program Review

25. Reflex Integration Advancement

26. Reflex Program Levels

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