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June 2014 Study Group Meeting


Discussion notes:

Additional Reading: "Helping Children Overcome Dyslexic Reading & Writing Problems" by Dr. Christenson and Dr. Griffin, OEP 2014.

Additional Resources in Colorado for Dyslexia:

1) Lindamood-Bell: 
"Lindamood-Bell helps children and adults improve language processing — the foundation of all communication and learning."

2) Lilac (Literacy Language Center): (Boulder, CO)

3) Orton-Gillingham: 

"Its specific sequence minimizes the need for memorization. It is a phonics system that is simultaneously multi-sensory, structured, explicit, and systematic. It's designed specifically for children with dyslexia. "

4) Barton:

"The Barton Reading & Spelling System is one of the best Orton-Gillingham-based systems."

5) List of providers from the International Dyslexia Association:

6) Davis Dyslexia Center:

Specific reading approaches that require a child to hear, see, say, and do something (multisensory), such as the Slingerland Method or Project READcan be used.
Therapy activities for building divergence skill:


1) Light the Candle
2) Orthoptic Thumbs
3) Vectograms with central fixation targets (penny, sticker, acuity suppression vecto) to see relative depths.

See this lecture handout for images and basic instructions of fusional activities: /user-files/Vision_Therapy_for_Divergence_Excess.pdf

Vision Screening in Colorado: /user-files/http___www.eicolorado.org_files_early_vision_manual.pdf

For a copy of the study outline: /user-files/Study_Group_Outline_2014.pdf

Discussion topics:

Fixations, pursuits, saccades 

- Definition of the conditions, abilities or skills

- Signs, symptoms and avoidance behaviors associated with deficiency; how does it impact performance 

- Monocular & binocular accuracy, stability, control & automaticity 

- Vision therapy techniques for treatment

Discuss optometric vision therapy goals and procedures in your office relating to vision perception and information processing

Join us for Study Group up in Ft. Collins on Sunday, June 22 at 1:00 p.m.

Mountain View Eye Specialists 

Amy S. Abel, OD, FCOVD