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Amblyopia Discussion: Colorado COVD Member Meeting

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Source Materials

 Discussion Topics

April 28, 2013

AOA Clinical Practice Guidelines:

Care of the Patient with Amblyopia

  1. A Comparison of Atropine and Patching Treatments for Moderate Amblyopia
  2. A Randomized Trial of Atropine Regimens for Tx of Moderate Amblyopia in Children
  3. A Randomized Trial of Prescribed Patching Regimens for Tx of Severe Amblyopia in Children
  4. Alternatives to Occlusion
  5. A Binocular Approach to Amblyopia Tx


a. Anisometropic / Isometropic Refractive Amblyopia

b. Strabismic Amblyopia

c. Hysterical Amblyopia

d. Form Deprivation Amblyopia

e. Differential diagnoses in childhood visual acuity loss


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