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Hot family game Patchwork has vision benefits

Hot new game Patchwork has already proved itself fun for all ages and to teach logic skills, when tested in schools.  Now, the game has been identified by a leading Vision Therapy Center as having vision benefits for children with both normal vision and specific vision problems.

Dr Jen Simonson, Clinical Director of Boulder Valley Vision Therapy and a Doctor of Optometry, says "Patchwork is based on color and/or pattern discrimination.  It requires discimination of detail: color, shape, pattern, scanning eye movements, matching skills, visual reaction time and visual memory"

Such visual skills are vital for all children to learn if they are to function to their potential in the classroom, on the sports field and in daily life.

For those children with specific vision issues such as losing their place when reading, skipping and re-reading words, even blurring, double vision and headaches - the visual skills Patchwork can teach, are even more beneficial.  For instance, the near/far eye movements that Patchwork requires are similar to exercises often used in Vision Therapy - but in a refreshingly playful family context.

 Patchwork retailers have already discovered the game's visual benefits, "People love the designs and colors of the cards.  We make a lot of the fact that color blind people can play too" - The Treasured Child.  Indeed, this is a unique selling point of the game for families with color deficient members. Unlike games like Candyland, Uno and Blink - and most others - which require color recognition and matching, Patchwork also offers highly graphic patterns.  Dr Simonson tested the game with her own color deficient son and found him bringing it out for play, again and again.  She comments:

"Having the patterns would allow a color vision deficient patient still to be able to make matches"

For more information about Patchwork, please visit

For more information about Patchwork, please visit