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2011 Colorado Vision Training Conference


Additional Information from the Conference:


Diagnosis Power Point

Educational VT Plan

Explanation of Visagraph

Edward, K. Case Study

Learning Objectives

Pr-Re-evaluation Checklist

Perceptual and Oculomotor Therapy

Vision and Learning Program Sheet

Vision Therapy Diagnostic Services

Vision Therapy Program for Convergence Insufficiency

Vision Therapy Program for Ocular Motor Disfunction

Vision Therapy Program for Visual Processing Skills

Visually Based Reading Disability

VL-Ortho 160-48 Total

VT Program

VT Award

Children's Vision Questionnaire

Parent Questionnaire For Vision Problems

Clinical Protocol for the Diagnosis of Visually-Based Reading Disorders

•Complete optometric evaluation (vision efficiency evaluation)

•Eye Movement Evaluation
     •Visagraph Studies (specific protocol)
     •Basic eye movements (especially fixation)
     •Reading eye movements
     •DEM/King Devick
     •Observation (NSUCO/Maples)
•Examples of Visual Perceptual/Processing Testing
     •Vision processing TVPS/PTS
     •Auditory analysisTAAS
     •Auditory-Visual Birch-Belmont Test
     •Word attack skillsW-J word attack/WIAT-2 Pseudo-word decoding
     •Processing speed Cancellation Test, PMA Speed
•Visual Motor
Beery VMI
•Reversal Tendency
Gardner Reversal Frequency Test
•Examples of Reading and Related Tests
     •W-J Passage Comprehension Test
     •Test of Silent Word Reading Fluency (TOSWRF)
     •Dyslexia Determination Test (DDT)
•Possible Tests for Magnocellular Function
     •Coherent Motion
     •Critical Flicker Fusion (Lafayette Instruments)
Resource for the Omega Filters: The company is Brain Power Incorporated (BPI) and the diagnostic tint set is called the "autism lorgnettes"