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College of Optometrists in Vision Development


COVD 39th Annual Meeting
October 13-17, 2009
Denver Marriott Tech Center
Denver, Colorado

Our staff will be completing a 2 year certification process at this year's annual meeting.  Two thousand hours of experience are required before seeking certification.  Our therapists have written and submitted papers on such topics as strabismus, amblyopia, focusing disorders, tracking skills, eye teaming ability, and therapeutic techniques.  All papers were accepted earlier in 2009.  All therapists have also completed a proctored written examination on their vision therapy knowledge.  On October 13th, Amy, Barbara, Gail and Krystal will take their oral exams.  Keep them in your thoughts!  We have been completing 2 hours of additional training every Monday since November 2008 in preparation for this milestone.


We are currently offering remote vision therapy sessions due to the State of Colorado order to Shelter at Home. Once the order has lifted, we can’t wait to see you at our new office location: 2800 Valmont Rd, Boulder, CO 80301.